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Character Designing – Beginners

Character Designing – Beginners

Designing a character is like playing the role of God.It is amazing ,creative, full of freedom ,power and control.Nothing can go wrong with your character , and even if it dose its always in your control.From Mickey Mouse’s famous three-fingered hands – drawn to save production time when the character was first developed for animations in the 1920s – to the elegant simplicity of Homer Simpson, character design has always been about keeping it simple. But aside from clean lines and easily readable features, what else are you going to need to know? There’s knowing what to exaggerate and what to play down, what to add to give a hint of background and depth, and what to do to develop personality.

Key Steps to Design your Character

Designing a character is similar to giving birth, since you are creating a whole new being, but it’s different because you get to pick all the character’s traits, personality and looks. You also have complete control over what the character does and does not do. You can design a character by using your imagination to work on this few steps.


Envision the being. Is it a man, woman, or child? Perhaps it’s a giant, walking stick, an insect, a fish, a cat, a goat, a tiger, or a mixture of all types of animals. Maybe it’s a talking coin or another inanimate object come to life. Figure out what kind of being your being is going to be.


Pick its personality. Your walking stick can be laid back and happy, your insect can be ferocious. You can create a fearless fish, a catty cat, a glib goat, a terrified tiger or any personality that comes to mind. Your figure’s features are going to reflect its personality.


Sketch a rough draft with the personality in mind. A laid back stick will be slouchy with half-closed eyes. A fierce insect is going to have a gargantuan stinger, big teeth and slanted, angry eyes. Your terrified tiger will have wide eyes, like a deer caught in the headlights, and a grimace showing his flat, useless teeth. Envision the personality traits of people you know that act in the manner of the character you’re creating. Reproduce those traits with your character’s stance and facial expression.


Give your character a few obvious attributes that are easy to reproduce. You want your character to be memorable with giant eyes, a weird hat, creepy teeth or other attributes that stand out from a crowd and make the character recognizable at a glance. You also want the attributes to be easy to draw, again and again, in case you make a comic strip or animation of the character and you find yourself drawing him nine million times.


Be unique. If you are ending up with a droopy dog with sagging ears, a giant, yellow sponge that wears pants or a smart aleck rabbit that is constantly chomping on a carrot, you better rethink your character. You don’t want anything you create to be too similar to anything already out there, like Droopy Dog, Sponge Bob or Bugs Bunny.

fred9Naming Ceremony

Now, this is where you can have a lot of fun.You have your characters age,gender,personality,his uniqueness,probes and lot many things to assist you in this task.There can be endless number of names for a given character, but the best would be the one that justifies either all its qualities or the one that appeals the most and defines it, making him most memorable and unique

Happy Character Designing.